Jumbo Compact

Jumbo Compact
Dimension 550 x 550 x 1250 mm
Capacity 100 lt
Capacity 1.5 / 3x 380kW/ V
Air volume 52 lt/Sek.
Vacuum 2300 mm CE/ WC

Mobile or stationary vacuum cleaner for use in quiet surroundings. -assembly line, packing machines, laboratory, granulate, etc.

Jumbo Cyclone

Jumbo Cyclone
Dimension 520 x 1150 x 1200 mm
Capacity 100 (60) lt.
Power 2.2 / 3x 380kW/ V
Air volume 87 lt/Sek.
Vacuum 2600 mm CE/ WC

Mobile vacuum cleaner for large quantities of fine dust -concrete cutting, shot blasting, scarifier, gravel pit, cement-, lime- and plaster-industries, building sites, etc.
Continous operation -Assynch. Turbine- direct drive -Motor protection switch -Solid steel construction -Extremely quiet -Automatic filter cleaning